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White House in Full Retreat as FAA Sequester Stunt Backfires

More on the politics of the end to the FAA furloughs...pretty much as many of the posters on this blog stated. For those like myself that operate visually there is a great graph in this paper. ( More...

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Roger Syratt 4
How nice to read an unbiased and impartial article :-)
HowSwedeitis 1
One could say it's... Fair & Balanced ;-)
Roger Syratt 2
Sorry Charles I didn't realise it was an Editorial, I thought I was subscribed to a news site.
Another great squawk from an "unbiased" political source. Keep up the great work on misinformation. Informed Citizens understand there are 3 branches to our Federal Government. Blaming the President alone is a cowardly retaliation for poor Legislative action and cooperation, and further divides us in 2 opposite directions. To put it this way, would we accept flight instruction from loosely based opinion, or established procedure based on solid data? Check the facts from credible sources, or sit back and enjoy the result of History repeating itself negatively, and a Nation stalled by bickering.
The leader always takes the heat or the glory. Looks like he's not up to the task of getting his workforce to work.
Paul Reece 1
Good article and based on facts. It is an old government tactic that has been used for decades. When ever anybody tells you to cut funding. You cut what is the most visible and will hurt the most people. Then everybody screams uncle and you get even more money. This time it was the FAAs turn. Stand by on the ocean shipments they are next. And for any paper to publish anything negative about that guy in DC that is news. I would have like to have seen the second chart it did not down load for me to see. Very good article.
Paul Reece 1
That should read any Chicago paper.
Roger Syratt 1
Nice to read a sensible contribution Richard,as a European friend of America I find it sad that Flight Aware should publish such a crudely biased article.
Slowly, ever so slowly, people are catching on. Most government departments are poorly run because they are run by appointees who no nothing of the business. Kinda like appointing Pelosi head of the cosmetic surgery dept. lol
Charles Maund 0
FYI...most editorials are typically biased in one way or another. What is most enlightening about this article is that sources that are typically aligned with the administration also are deriding this political ploy.
sparkie624 0
It is about time they retreat.... They need to retreat on a lot other things as well.


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