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GOP Hits Turbulence with FAA Claim

A number of Republicans are using misleading numbers when they say the Federal Aviation Administration should cut consultants and travel before resorting to furloughs that are causing airport delays. ( More...

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Peter Doll 4
I'm shocked! We voted for these bozos. The sequester was supposed to be too painful to contemplate and yet... This is called divided government and Americans seem to prefer it to anything. Face it, it's ultimately OUR fault.Blame whom you want, then look in the mirror. WE DID THIS!
Jim Lynch 3
Republicans? Using misleading numbers? How unusual! NOT!!! Why am I not surprised? Then again, the entire political process in the US has become a game of who can spend the most on the least, and cronyism RULES!

Both sides of the aisle in Congress should get a life and go back to doing the people's work, not spend all their time securing narrow political interests. GET YOUR GOLD-PLATED BACKSIDES BACK TO WORK!!!
Roland Dent 2
Has the USA got any political integrity left? Who is running the USA?
(v)e Same 2
Shhhh you can't talk like that fellas. They hear you telling the truth and they will label you a "Commy", or "Socialist" or "Unpatriotic" or whatever... And we all know how that turns out in the end..
Ricky Scott 2
Special Interests, PACs, Corporations and 1%ers. We are no longer a government OF and For the People
Roland Dent 1
Thats what worries me BIG TIME. For people like me who was a product of WW2 in Europe your constitution and the first amendment represented the FREE WORLD. I am surprised at what happened on and since 9/11.
(v)e Same 2
Sorry, that made me laugh... Flightaware or its posters going democrat. I honestly think sometimes a large portion of the posters are trying to make this place into Faux news 2.0... Oh and didn't I just read on the google news thing, at the last second they decided not to cut the ATC boys after all?
tcavin 1
It's a government entity, don't pretend there isn't any
What he said! It brings tears to my eyes to think someone on this board actually thinks before spouting political rhetoric, or taking sides.
Sorry, that praise was meant for "Tomorrow".
tcavin 0
the FAA could have easily cut other areas such as waste to meet sequester numbers. Just another example of obama using the executive branch to punish citizens because he didn't get his way. The executive branch is the bureaucracy that needs to be reigned in....and obama doesn't need congress to do it.
Jackson Franco -2
Sad to see that has sided with liberal lying Democraps on this one. is owned by Soros and is full of propaganda. I trust the GOP on this one. Furthermore, if Obozo would just cut out ONE Hawaiian vacation it could pay for thousands of ATC operators.
Todd Baldwin 5
I just have to wonder about the maturity of people that resort to referring to people by cheesey nicknames.
pfp217 3
I don't really think FA has "sided" with anything.This is a user submitted squak that has been posted for us to read. I don't think there is any agendas on the side of FA or the original poster.
tpmorrow 4
"Liberal lying Democrats"? What are you, 6 years old? I have a hard time facing up to the fact these days that any discourse in the US, any at all, is inevitably politicized by pinheads like you. By the way, I'm American, born and raised there, and now in Europe.
As an adult, you presumably have adult responsibilities like mortgages, job tasks, and possibly kids, so how - how on earth - did you get to the point in your life as a grown man where you're not ashamed or embarrassed to use the words "liberal lying Democrats", with the emphasis on "liberal"? Or were you always that small on the intellectual side? Apparently the word "liberal" for you automatically and neatly wraps up all the information you need in order to take the long view when it comes to summing up political life in America. You've forgotten, purposely omitted, or - God forbid, you're one of them - the Tea Party, the American national embarrassment, and how it successfully turned political debate into a pissing contest about who's the most patriotic. That’s thanks to people like you, or better said the lowest common denominator. I won’t use the word “lie”, but simply say that that part of the political right wing became quite good at stretching the truth with scary words like “socialist”, which became the banner omen for people who think they’re getting all the information they need from Fox News.
I guess it’s fair to say the US isn’t the US I remember.
I'm loathe to even read what people write these days, and should probably stop. It’s always so disappointing.
katty wompus 4
Well said tpmorrow. The Tea Party types hate the government and want it slashed to the bone; until one of those mostly invisible yet very important government services is cut and they are personally inconvenienced. Then they cry for the government to save them while they deride others who use government resources. Like 6 year olds.
tcavin -1
slashed to the bone? that's your words. How about required to be efficient and actually working FOR the taxpayer.
tcavin 0 critize someone for using labels, and then personally attack that person.....wait for it.....using labels? please stay in europe.
Ric Wernicke -3
I like the FAA reaction to the 525 million spent on consultants. "They have feathers, web feet, wear sailor suits, and waddle around Disneyland with no pants, but they are not DUCKS! I am sure the career employees of the agency are not behind the attempt to correct members of Congress, it comes from the top. (the secretary serves at the pleasure of the President) Clint Eastwood's empty chair has not learned the art of compromise, but is a master debater.
Roland Dent 3
The FAA needs reforming. It has lost its grip on reality. I am certain the vast majority of the staff are committed to the best interest of the public and the industry. The people at the top need to move on. The sooner the better they are a liability.


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