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Air Canada, WestJet want in on Toronto Island airport if Ottawa approves Porter plan

The heads of both Air Canada and WestJet Airlines Ltd. say if Porter Airlines is allowed to start flying jets into Billy Bishop Toronto City airport, then they want in too. WestJet has even punched the numbers and thinks it could land one of its larger Boeing 737s at the Toronto Island airport, if jets were allowed. ( More...

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canuck44 1
WestJet has already bought the Q400s and Air Canada owns some, but the traffic they are after is Western Canada and US Southern destinations. Preacher undoubtedly will comment on landing a 737 in the winter on 5100 feet. Meanwhile, expect Air Canada and WestJet to look seriously at the C-100...great and unique sales pitch for Bombardier.
preacher1 1
Well, 5100' could get a little dicey at MLW, but I think I would be more concerned about getting it off anywhere close to MTOW.I know one thing, you had better have somebody on the pointy end that knows what they are doing. That ain't no place for auto throttle or partial thrust of any kind. Banking on that speed coming up, I'd be prone to think that ROTATE might get called a tad early. Nobody would admit it and it would probably fly, but I can guarantee you that the flight crew will be happy to hear the gear go thunk and the doors close.LOL


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