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The Fact and Fallacy of the Looming ‘Pilot Shortage’

As the pundits have it, our airlines are running out of pilots. But is this true? ( More...

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No...because there are pilots sitting on the sidelines (like myself) who fall just short of the proposed rule making limits, but that have great quality time (i.e. Turbine Time, lots of XC, etc...) who would love to fly for a living. I don't believe all this hype for one single second. There are a shortage of pilots willing to work for sub-standard wages...that's what the headline should be.
Zachary, make that "would fly for half a living, because I'm all-in and not willing to start over in some other field". You are a dying breed my friend, young people are reading about people like you online and not making the choice many young aviators wish they could do over. When people like you are no longer waiting for any flying job, then we will have a problem.


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