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Paint The Plane: Alaska Airlines Jet To Wear Hawaiian Student's Colorful Design

Eleventh-grader Aaron Nee was awarded the grand prize in the Alaska Airlines Hawaii-themed Paint the Plane contest. ( More...

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Wayne Fox 2
Personally I would have picked the one done by the Kindergarten student. There is something charming about it.
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16-Year-Old Honolulu Student Wins 'Paint-the-Plane' Contest

Prize Is A $5000 Scholarship, A Free Trip, And Seeing His Artwork On The Plane

Honolulu high-school student Aaron Nee, 16, is the winner of the Alaska Airlines "Spirit of the Islands" Paint-the-Plane contest. His artwork will adorn a Boeing 737-800 aircraft honoring the unique culture of the Aloha State. As the grand prize winner, Nee will also receive a trip for four to any of the carrier's destinations and a $5,000 scholarship.


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