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Cessna 172 down in Calaveras County Ca

The plane's owner said the pilot was experienced and had open access to the AC. ( More...

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Peter Douglas 1
Tight, steep, full bore circles isn't something an experienced pilot would do near hills, when there is obviously a lot of flat country nearby. More like a mechanical fault IMHO
Torsten Hoff 3
Let's see what the investigators come back with. Non-aviators are notoriously unreliable when it comes to observing and judging flight maneuvers.
preacher1 2
It will be interesting. Non-Aviator or not, if he was circling "FULL BORE"as they said on the video, there may have been a medical problem. If it was, I hope it is obvious enough on the autopsy that they are doing for ID or else that they look for it.
Toby Sharp 1
maybe the throttle cable broke?
joel wiley 1
The pilot was identified today. The aircraft was not a Cessna but a Coot A-Amphibian according to an FAA official. While Calaveras is in the Sierra foothills, there are several large reservoirs nearby where amphibious craft land.


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