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Update on Conway AR crash

Pilot dies in Hospital after Conway crash yesterday ( More...

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linbb 1
And the car crashes that have killed many more than the two about two years ago go without comment. Get real the airplane crashes dont happen as often as car crashes do so thats what the big deal is about. Headlines and news footage at six.
Chris Bryant 1
I wish the media would read the memo - the FAA doesn't investigate crashes, the NTSB does.
Ruger9X19 1
The NTSB designates other organizations or corporations as parties to the investigation. The FAA, which by law is automatically designated a party.

FAA Office of Accident Investigation & Prevention
preacher1 1
They are TOTALLY LOCKED IN down there as far as expansion goes and nowhere for anyone in trouble to go. I-40 comes right across the end of, I think 26, approach and houses/industry line all sides. If somebody has trouble, there is nowhere to go. Conway is a fast growing bedroom city for LIT and has about 45000 people now and the air traffic will only increase. They have tentative plans to build a new airport South of town(those came up after that Jet crash there a couple of years ago) but I don't think the first shovel of dirt has been turned.
linbb 0
Totally no big deal lots of airports are that way get over it.
preacher1 -1
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Plane Crash at Conway, AR-KCWS

A plane has crashed at the Conway Airport. The pilot has been airlifted to the hospital. We don't know his condition.


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