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Houston city council approves Southwest Airlines' international plans

Houston City Council voted Wednesday in favor of Southwest Airlines' plans to fly internationally from Hobby Airport. Southwest Airlines plans to expand Houston's smaller airport so it can fly to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. The airline said it will pay $100 million for a five-gate expansion, customs facility and new employees at Hobby so the airline can run international flights as early as 2015. ( More...

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Daniel Baker 2
UA to cut 1,300 Houston jobs, IAH-AKL dead, no 787 in Houston
At6reo 0
Not only no 787 in IAH, that also means no A380 from Lufthansa which was due to arrive in Aug. The mayor was even bragging about The A380, they even had to widen the taxi ways. Hmm wonder who picked up that bill.
Daniel Baker 3
What does the Lufthansa A380 service to FRA have to do with this?
sparkie624 -2
LOL, now they can transport illegals... That would be good travel for them vs 1000 of them being packed into the back of a tractor trailer, and it will be cheaper for them.
At6reo -4
Well I hope the City of Houston is happy now,Esp the Mayor. Let's see how the upkeep of Hobby is maintained,IAH is not even maintained . Wonder if SouthWest is going to charger her for 2 seats when she flys with them or does she get to fly as a pass rider now ?


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