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Loss of control risk behind proposed 737 wiring change

Three reports of pilots failing to manually activate air data sensor heating systems on Next Generation Boeing 737 aircraft have prompted the US Federal Aviation Administration to propose a fix to more than 1,000 aircraft in the US-registered fleet. Air data sensors include pitot tubes, which if partially or fully blocked by ice, provide erroneous airspeed information to the flight deck. ( More...

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sparkie624 1
I agree... Besides, if you missed it, you did not do your checklist properly.
sparkie624 1
Hmm. I have worked on many 737's from the 200's to the NG's. Never seen any problem like this. Besides, how does this relate to loosing control. It is more like Pilot Error misdiagnostics of pitot and or static ice... That is not loosing control of the a/c.
preacher1 1
Ain't that what brought the Air Florida 737 down in the Potomac, or something dang close to it?


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