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New: Rare Amateur Video Of Challenger Shuttle Tragedy

A new amateur video of the 1986 Challenger disaster has surfaced, more than 25 years after the space shuttle broke up mid-flight, killing all seven crew onboard. The footage, revealed on the New Scientist website, is believed to be only the second such video known to exist. It was shot by Bob Karman of Hicksville, New York, whose daughter now works for the magazine. He and his family were on holiday in Florida at the time, and witnessed the tragedy from Orlando airport. On Jan. 28, 1986, the… ( More...

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Eastern Airlines!
Jeffrey Babey 1
Oh my God, They're watching this thinking everything is normal. Saying "will I see it seperate" meaning the SRB'S not realizing the shuttle exploded. Obviously, a major malfunction was stated by mission control after Challenger exploded. I never forget that day as I was at work when the news came over the radio. My father worked on the SSME(Space Shuttle Main Engine) program at Honeywell Minneapolis, I called him when this happened and everyone at Honeywell was just sick wondering if it was something they did wrong. It was a very sad day for everyone.


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