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I truly wished the airlines would put that on your video screen instead of the entertainment offered today. I always want to see 'out the front' rather then sideways.
Phil Knox 1
Agree! Why don't they retrofit tail cams on some of the older aircraft?
dodger4 1
Agree totally! That would be cool. But I was confused about the altitude call-outs. It 400 twice, then 100 above shortly after the 320' call, but went well below the 200' call before calling "minimums".

What's with that 320' call? I would have expected 300'.
Phil Knox 3
Maybe some day the side cabin windows will feature a heads-up display with superimposed map highlighting the various physical features and cities we are flying over!

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alistairm 2
JAL is one airline that has cameras on the outside of their aircraft; therefore, passengers are able to see the outside from the front, on their TV screens.

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alistairm 1
JAL - from when i flew with them - let you see the whole flight. Pulling into the gate, you were able to see the guy with the wands and the different markers for the different sized planes and where their nose gear should end up.


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