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Secrets Pilots Won’t Tell You

17 pilots from across the country to give us straight answers about maddening safety rules, inexplicable delays ( More...

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Chris Donawho 2
“Here’s a news flash: We’re not sitting in the cockpit listening to the ball game. Sometimes we can ask the controllers to go to their break room to check the score. But when I fly to Pittsburgh on a Sunday afternoon, the passengers send the flight attendants up at least ten times to ask us the Steelers score.” -Commercial pilot, Charlotte, North Carolina

Here's another news flash: They're too damned busy posting on

Sorry Wayne, had to do it.
Toby Sharp 1
LOL......don't throw Wayne under the bus like that!
Chip Hermes 2
Lap children are "extremely dangerous" ?

Um, yeah, I think base-jumping is extremely dangerous but I don't think that term describes something that happens tens thousands of times daily and actually only has related fatalities every few decades.


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