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Ask the Pilot: Out of Africa

Now in Patrick Smith's ASK THE PILOT: Something a little different. A mini-memoir of flight and travel: AFRICA IN TWO PARTS "...I enjoy the flight into Dakar. The way the Cap Vert peninsula appears on the radar screen, perfectly contoured like some great rocky fish hook — the western-most tip of the continent, and the sense of arrival and discovery it evokes. There it is! Africa! Eastbound over Senegal, crossing into Mali. Predawn plumb-light, then sunrise. A hot red sphere balanced… ( More...

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Nice, like yourself, there are some of us who make this more than just a job. You're painting a true picture of the world, be it good or not so good. Not like the hype on the news. And, you seem to be enjoying it too...
Toby Sharp 0
Very Interesting Style you live sir....Blue Skies
bill54494 0
You see with your heart and write what you see. Well done!
pjshield 0
The part I find most ironic about "Airport Insecurity" taking the butter knife and fork away from you (the pilot of the plane) is that, if you are one of those pilots trained and authorized to carry a .40 automatic in the cockpit on your flight, that is perfectly OKAY to do so and pass unimpeded thru the portals of hell, but you cannot bring along a butter knife or a salad fork.
Every member of the TSA is an honorable mention in the DARWIN Lifetime Awards Museum.
canuck44 0
Cross a Frenchman and an African and you create a nightmare bureaucrat that actually makes the TSA look pretty responsible. The Delta refueling and crew change stop in Dakar on the way from JNB was in the middle of the night. In spite of none disembarking the Senegalese came onboard and searched the entire A/C waking up those sleeping, demanding passports and emptying of the overheads and seatbacks. Going over pre-777 ATL-JNB or JFK-CPT was even worse requiring passengers to clear customs and immigration to get on one aircraft parked next to another.
Also, I have to say that you should be a contributor to the magazines like Pro Pilot, BCA, etc.. That fake aviator named Clay Lacy needs someone like you to take his place...
NICE!! Even the armpits of the world hold wonderment if you look.


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