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World's biggest super-jumbos must be GROUNDED, say engineers after cracks are found in the wings of three Airbus A380s

Australian aircraft engineers have called for Airbus A380 - the world's biggest passenger aircraft - to be grounded, after Singapore Airlines and Qantas found cracks in the wings of their super-jumbos....who do you believe??? ( More...

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Roland Dent 0
These 'planes hit the deck with a mighty THUD during everday landings. No surprise at all that structural defects have arisen. I hope the ATSB has a real good look at these faults. The ATSB has total integrity without political or economic bias.
Pileits 0
As Nixon the Ex-president once said, "follow the money"
Airbus as well as Boeing will always try and build it cheaper one way or another. Obviously a cost consideration was made during the planning stage of the A380 and rather then spend the extra money to build it right in the first place they chose instead to gamble by building it cheaper.
The same lack of integrity exists in every company to one degree or another.
It becomes a battle between two departments, Engineering and Accounting. And Pileits, you are 100% correct, this kind of supposed thing happens in every company. Retrofits, software upgrades, reworks, and the ever-dreaded recalls.

Funny, the cost for "Field Engineering" was never entered upon the original design budget. For those who follow Dilbert, what you see there is absolutely true in the real world! "We cannot make the product release date, it has not been Beta tested........Release it anyway, if we need to fix bugs, we can charge them extra for 'upgrades'."
What I believe is that the Daily Mail is the equivalent of the National Enquirer. Don't believe me? Go read the sensationalism in most of their other articles!
Brian Bishop 0
You may be right in your assesment, however, recent history shows that the Enquirer has gotten the scoop on some pretty big TRUE stories over the last few years (except for the one about the girl in California with the Martian baby).
lol fair enough!
jim garrity 0
After Airbus refused to do the "wing stress test" like Boeing did do on their aircraft, I will NEVER fly on an Airbus for what happened ! I felt that they (Airbus), was maybe hiding something? If it ain't Boeing,I ain't going!!
Perhaps you should show up proof of this "refusal"...the airplane would not have been certified without a "wing stress test", either by EASA or the FAA. It would have to snap at or above 1.5x the stress limit. It did, in fact, snap during certification trials just before 1.5x, however it was corrected.
Troy Raiteri 0
If it ain't Boeing I am not going as well! BOE FTW!!
I sure hope when God or Lucifer comes to take you during the next crisis, and the only ride out is in a Spirit 320, you'll decline it...
Follow the money is probably more true. Quantas was flying a non-stop between Melbourne and Dallas,Texas. The plane made it to Texas but could never make it back without stopping for fuel. May be they pumped pounds and pounds of fuel and stressed it to the limit for the passenger miles. :<) As Sophia on the Golden Girls always said: "You never know!" Now,Singapore is yet another story.Probably to much Tyson chicken mixed with Wallmart goods. Bentonville does have the longest runway in the US thanks to the chicken and cheap goods boys who lobbied for the airport. Now that Sophia is gone......I'll say it for her: YOU NEVER KNOW.
Tom Kearney 0
There seems to be a hairline crack in the Lufthansa spokesman's English. Maybe, first, we should shut down all Lufthansa spokespeople.
canuck44 0
Read some of the comments posted below the is apparent there is no love between the Brits, the French and the Germans. Some of them are still fighting WWII.
raptor22ms 0
Kids will be kids I guess
It's the same on here with the Boeing and Airbus haters. The Americans who hate Airbus are probably eating a French baguette and planning a Paris vacation now on US Air's 330, while the French who hate Boeing are planning their trip to NYC on Air France's 777 while smoking a pack of Marlboros.
Like Rodney King said as he was getting the crap beaten out of him by LA's finest scum, "can't we all get along???"
Dan Shine 0
Well said


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