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What do cupcakes and lightsabers have in common? Once again, embarrassing incidents on the concourse outshine useful things TSA is doing behind the scenes

Did you hear about TSA and the cupcake? That’s right, two week ago guards in Las Vegas took a frosted cupcake away from a woman named Rebecca Hains as she prepared to board a flight to Boston. The frosting, you see, was “gel-like” and thus a potential security threat. I’m really not sure how to approach this one, other than to weep uncontrollably. According to a Transportation Security Administration spokesperson the confiscation was in error — the work of an overzealous (or maybe just hungry)… ( More...

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OMG - a butter knife? A light-saber toy? A rifle from a G.I. Joe action figure? I knew about the cupcake, but WOW! Only the best and brightest...
Bob Lyddy 0
as usual, the TSA is useless...
Marcus Pradel 0
how about portable videogames that make gun shooting sounds?

But you can purchase 120-140 proof alcoholic beverages at the duty free shop and they come in a glass bottle!
Ric Wernicke 0
Now I understand why there is a push by real law enforcement to have TSA workers relabled anything but "officer."
May have averted a "Cupcake rage" incident and a GI Joe rifle is pretty intimidating. I feel safer.


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