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Flying The 787: A Passenger's Perspective

So, what is it like to fly the 787? ( More...

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margaret pyne 0
I think its AirNZ
tom023 0
I can see another fee opportunity coming "Sir, that flight is on our aging 737-200. For an additional $50 you can fly on our brand new 787. No sir, you still have to pay the bag fee, but nice try"
Clam Shell 0
THANKS for posting all of this. I'm tempted to take a trip over to Japan just to try this puppy out!
Ben Lillie 0
That would be fun but ridiculously expensive.
mark tufts 0
sweet as it sounds quieter the the 767 AND the 777
Jeffrey Babey 0
I really need a vacation! and what away to go too! the 787 looks like a great ride :)
fukuyama 0
787 popularity is very high in Japan. It is one featuring beautiful main plane.
An embarkation reservation is difficult now. When GENX engine was equipped with, I want to make a reservation.
Because we produce GENX engine parts.
Any idea who the next customer is and when they put their Dreamliner into service? Will this be used on mainland to Hawaii in the future?
Tomer Ariav 0
How does it compete with the Airbuses?
So if i would fly this marvel of engineering, I somehow would feel better in a seat that is just as wide and with the same leg room as airline company XZ ? Dont think that some coloring window and some blue/red/green/yellow light make that seat more comfortable now does it? I am lucky I fly the "Houston Express" every 28 days.
Bob Lee 0
Wow! Well it may get me to try a flight.


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