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Fury as Air India jet stranded in London for 9 hours

Hundreds of air travellers were left stranded after an incoming Air India flight was grounded for nine hours at London's Gatwick Airport by a combination of fog and aviation rules. Police were called onto the Boeing 777 jet as tempers frayed among the 200 passengers after the airline prevented them from disembarking. The flight from Ahmedabad via Mumbai was due to arrive at Heathrow, London's other major airport, at 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT) but was diverted to Gatwick due to fog. ( More...

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tim mitchell 0
screw the
nick vasco 0
screw AI , par for the course.
As I said on another post being unable to disembark after a reasonable amount of time is my biggest fear. 9 hours is pathetic. Yes, we know what they can do with the letter.
Stephen Brown 0
Somebody needs to get creative and think outside the box!!


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