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JFK, PHL, DCA, IAD shutdown due to earthquake...

Kudos to Flightaware for being on top of the situation. Flgihtstats (as of 5 mins ago) had NO delays listed at the listed airports. I love you guys! ( More...

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Earthquake down the eastern seaboard. Epicenter is approx. 40 miles west of Richmond, VA. Felt as far south as Charleston, SC. JFK, PHL, DCA, IAD, BWI, EWR, and BOS were all shut down, but some of them are lifting their groundstops now. JFK had to evacuate. DCA stayed in the tower. They are now playing catchup with all of the clearances for their departures. So expect everything to be delayed.
frank1711 0
I was only aware of one site like this! Flightaware! I downloaded the iPad app, very cool. Anyone who had the app at one of these airports probably would have known the earthquake was coming! ;)
This site, married with makes for aerial bliss. ;)
Darryl Sarno 0
Logan Airport here in Boston received several diversions from JFK including:
Emirates A380
PIA B777-200
Alitalia A330-200
Swiss A330-300

and US Airways B767-200 from PHL


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