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Comparing airlines' Airbus A380s

Not much difference in layout between airlines but big difference between classes in price and amenities. ( More...

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canuck44 0
Economically, each flies to either New York or LAX. It will be interesting to see if Boeing was right when the 787 becomes widely available making lower cost service available on point to point basis most likely taking passengers from the A-380 coastal terminals.
Daniel Baker 0
Great collection although some of the stock photos aren't exactly representative of the experience or a truly fair comparison. I continue to be shocked at how far behind Lufthansa's business class product is, both on the A380 and elsewhere.

@John Donaldson - They are very different fundamental approaches, but the B787 really isn't a direct competitor to the A380. It's such a smaller aircraft that I don't think anyone is intending to do a four class cabin, suites, showers, or novelty attractions (duty free, gallery, etc) which are the exciting (to customers) aspects of the A380. The first 787 carrier (ANA), for example, is using it as a two-cabin, relatively high density, domestic aircraft.
canuck44 0
@Daniel...very much agreed at this time, but the eventual hope by Boeing thinking is that point to point from regional urban centers to smaller markets in destination countries will be more popular than connecting flights at either end and will make the traffic from the "national centers" like JFK and LAX with super jumbos unsustainable.

I guess we will see which company was correct after the first few hundred 787's are up and running. Personally for example, I would far rather fly from Tampa to Venice direct than TPA to JFK to Rome to Venice even if I am a little more uncomfortable for a few hours.


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