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Car crash outside Aspen Airport kills Billionaire

Submitted ASPEN — Dallas billionaire Charles Wyly, whose family owns two ranches in Woody Creek and funded the Wyly Community Arts Center, among other local philanthropic efforts, died Sunday in a car crash on State Highway 82 near Aspen, the Colorado State Patrol said. Wyly, 77, was killed when the Porsche Targa he was driving was struck by a Ford Freestyle sport utility vehicle, driven by Genezi Lacereda, 40, of Snowmass Village,… ( More...

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You know what they say about the drive to/from the airport being the most dangerous part about flying. I have three Porsche 911's in my hangar including one Targa. I've lost several friends to flying and a couple to side impact collisions in Porsche 911's. Keep on keepin' on!
Toby Sharp 0
share the wealth budday. manboi that is


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