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Goodyear Airship Bursts Into Flames

An airship pilot died Sunday when the dual engines on his Goodyear airship burst into flames during a landing in Germany, Spiegel reported. Read more: ( More...

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A hero is an understatement for this man. Rest in Peace Sir
Bogush 0
a guess it's not a goodyear
al fredericks 0
true to a captains code, passengers off first, captain last. in this case he like a gentleman went down with his ship!
Paul Nolte 0
Why would he climb after the passengers got out?
steven meyer 0
It climbs paul, because it is a baloon and when ballast-or weight is removed the baloon climbs as a result.
They crashed the Hindenburg and we crashed the Goodyear blimp.
Someone DIED! Why is this grounds for writing cheap remarks that aren't even funny?
Fred Moore 0
Not a goodyear? What kind of cheap crack is that?!? That man saved his passengers and gave his life in the process. That is heroism, in case you have never encountered it before.

Back many years ago, I got to fly the blimp when it was based in Miami. You land it by dumping air ballast and powering it toward the ground. At least one did in those days. I don't know how the current blimps are structured.

This is a great tragedy.
Rod Cook 0
Yes and I knew Mike cery well when we flew together in genav in Australia in the late '70s' He was an admired personality and character then and he flew airships all over the world for 30 years and 19,000 hours. He leaves behind a supporting wife and many good friends who knew him as one of teh few who would do what he did, knowing he had little chance to survive. no more jokes please


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