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50 States in 30 Days

Combining a lifelong passion for aviation and a goal to see the country by visiting all 50 states in a single month, all on commercial airlines. ( More...

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John Hale 5
There's no commercial service to the state of delaware
You win.

Delaware has no commercial airline service. closest airports that do are KPHL, KBWI, and KACY. So he'll be able to only hit 49 out of 50, and fly over DE.
Tim Brown 2
The fact the someone who has just graduated from College probably doesn't have the 10,000+ it will cost for the tickets
Yep. I believe that he posted this story on his own website a few days ago
Not to be negative because I'd never want to dash anyone's dream, but realistically, this will not work. Bonus points for whoever can guess why.
No commercial service to Delaware.
doesn't cape air fly to delaware?


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