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The perfect plane: Beds, cocktails and no kids

A survey finds that, in an ideal world, air time would consist of entertainment, relaxation and trying to find a partner ( More...

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So basically, everyone wants their own Gulfstream........good luck with that. Lol
connor oslie 2
That is so unrealistic! who would want to walk through all the flirting and all the children and all the sleeping people to go take a shower? you'd hafta stop for a bring with all that!
Alain Rustici 1
Oh Yes, Yes I have right to dream............
hmmmm, doesn't look like they left too much room for the pilots....then and again, tickets would probably be something the only Bill Gates could afford!
tim mitchell 1
nice but highly unlikely it will ever happen
preacher1 1
Might be good for International or cross country domestic. Besides the rest being too short, all this would be well and good til it came time to buy a ticket.LOL
tuba 1
Wondering about the survey methodology; hard to believe you can simply ask an open-ended question ("What would you like?") and have the responses fall into neatly-organized clusters. Okay, well, maybe the "no kids" part. But it probably means there were multiple-choice options to select from... which means that the vision of the "perfect" plane mostly reflects the desires of the survey author.
Kira Andreola 0
I'd hate to see what this would do to ticket prices.


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