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A Supersonic Biplane that Whispers Where the Concorde Yelled

The future of Aviation is sub-orbital hyper sonic planes to new SST''s a great time to be a pilot... I just hope I'm around someday to see this:) ( More...

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Oh MFG but it is one ugly design. The Concorde was flying sculpture, art if you will. This thing looks hideous.
Beauty is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. Supersonic flight over land is generally prohibited due to one thing - the shockwave. If this can eliminate or drastically reduce that shockwave and the costs inherent to supersonic flight, then supersonic flight over land may become a daily occurrence. 3 hours KIAD-KLAX anyone?
raptor22ms 2
Sound concept interesting to see if it goes anywhere. All I have to say is it would be one pain to land from way up in the flight deck
John Roberts 2
lol...that it would:)
Maybe GPS navigation will be standard in aircraft by the time it goes operational, although I won't hold my breath.
Article is from March 30th. Rehash of old news that was tossed 3 months back.

Lovely concept . Reminds me of the stream line body of a sting ray ! Scientists have to work out quieter and faster concepts to make the idea of supersonic travel popular . In current scenario of space tourism merely 1.5 or 2.0 mach will not suffice . I wish the guys God speed .
Wingscrubber 1
The Busemann biplane doesn’t work. It’s fine to look at shock waves cancelling each other out between the wings, but there are still shock waves coming off the top and bottom which would be just as intense as those from a monoplane. In fact, your lift induced drag would increase, your wave drag would increase as you now have greater surface area – and GOOD LUCK trying to implement whitcomb area rule!
The Tokyo MISORA concept appears to have so much frontal surface area it would be lucky to achieve an MMO of Mach 0.8 with any efficiency. What on earth are these aerodynamicists smoking?


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