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Southwest Airlines Flight Aborts Takeoff After Loud Noise

A Southwest Airlines flight scheduled from Burbank to Las Vegas aborted takeoff this evening due to an unusual noise heard from one of the engines. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 4
41 Pax!?!!
preacher1 2
Kinda like you, 1/2 full??????????????????????????
Toby Sharp 3
1/2 Empty Mr. Wayne
Kawaiipoint2 3
more like less than a 1/3...
preacher1 1
Toby: I'll take the optimist but Will's comment here below is probably closer to correct, especially on the newer versions. At any rate, there weren't near enough people. That is probably just a standard reposition move for them to feed their hub at KLAS.
acmi 4
I was on a CO DC10-30 going out of HNL when the blew the compressor in the tail engine. Scared the crxp out of me and about 150 other folks..but as below, not too serious a problem...
Brian Bishop 1
80% likely a compressor stall. Not common but can be scary as hell sounding. Not a real danger though. Just like when your old Dodge truck backfires when it's cold.
Marcus Pradel 1
1 out of every 200 take-offs is aborted for one reason or another.. hardly a news story.
richard weiss 1
1 out every 200 take-offs is aborted? Where did you get that data. For one, I flew for 40 years and aborted 3 take-offs.
preacher1 1
I guess I must be like Richard here and well on the low side of that average. I flew for about 35 and can only remember 2-3 and I don't think any of them were due to an engine problem.
wx1996 1
Is this stat for commercial flights or all aviation? I find it hard to believe this is accurate for commercial flights?

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Cannikin 1
As opposed to say, like, American where you never get what you pay for?
richard weiss 1
"jerk" a quote from John McCain


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