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ATL opens new intl. terminal

On a stage beneath a Swarovski crystal chandelier in the Atlanta airport’s new international terminal, city leaders past and present gathered recently to laud the complex, which opens today. They praised both the aesthetics — which add some form to an airport best known for function — and the practical benefits. From now on international passengers can claim their bags in the new terminal and leave from there, rather than having to recheck them for the ride to Hartsfield-Jackson’s main terminal. ( More...

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Thanks for all the pictures (sigh)
indy2001 2
And thank you, Michael, for making me smile. That was my reaction as well. An article that leads off with a description of a Swarovski crystal chandelier needs photos!
sparkie624 2
ATL is a big enough... Do they need a new terminal. There are already enough delays coming out of ATL as it is.
have you seen all the planes in the air over 20 at once
Ben Lillie 1
That's what I was thinking too.
Ron Clifton 2
Now when will Emirates arrive in ATL?
Andrew Duncan -1
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ATL's First Flight into New Int'l Terminal

First flight scheduled to arrive at Atlanta's new Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal


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