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Panetta restricts F-22 flights due to oxygen system complaints

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered the Air Force to restrict flights of its new F-22 stealth fighters because of continuing problems with the aircraft's oxygen system. At least 22 pilots have suffered from oxygen deprivation while in flight since April 2008. ( More...

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Wingscrubber 2
I wonder who the oxygen system supplier is. I expect Lockheed is none too happy with them, whoever they are.
Jeffrey Babey 2
And my son called Harrier jets "Scarrier jets" when he was at Cherry Point NC with VMA-231 when he was in the Marines. I'd call the F-22 the "scariest jet" until they get this problem fixed.
99NY 2
So what happens if somebody breaches US Airspace? Are we sending up the F-22's with their pilots huffing on SCUBA gear?
Jeff Lemon 2
Oh, I think we have a few F-15s, F-16s and F/A-18s sitting around not doing too much.....
Toby Sharp 2
About time somebody does fix em that they are grounded!
Jeff Lemon 1
The F-22 is obviously far and away the most advanced fighter out there....but I'm bit puzzled it has taken this long to figure what's wrong oxygen system.

Those two USAF F-22 aviators that went public on "60 Minutes" certainly got my attention. They obviously love the airplane but prefer to be able to breathe correctly when flying it.
chalet 0
Don't you guys worry about this, it will be fixed for a mere $ 10 to 20 million per plane courtesy of the maker Lockheed who by then way responded to the "60 minutes" report "that it is a "cool aircraft". Unfortunately I can not broach the appropriate expletive deleted terms that this contractor deserves......


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