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Woman is Sole Plane Crash Survivor After Rescue by Marine Friend

The sole survivor of a small plane crash in Kansas is in stable but serious condition after she was reportedly pulled out of the burning aircraft by a passenger, an Iraq war veteran who later died from his injuries. ( More...

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Yazoo 4
This makes my blood boil. The media is so quick to point the violent crimes of former Marines and other military.
Hey ABC news ... the title should be ..... ."Marine Dies After Pulling Sole Survivor From Plane Crash." The Marine, Austin Anderson, might have been the sole survivor if he did not sacrifice himself by going in and pulling her from the wreckage. I guess you can tell where I got my flight training.
Marcus Pradel 2
Semper Fi
usmcflyr 2
Semper Fi!
Jack Hawkins 1
What aircraft was it in
eddyandy 1
Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Semper Fi


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