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United Air CFO sees value in uniform fleet

United Airlines, which is planning a major aircraft purchase soon, can cut maintenance costs and reduce schedule disruptions by buying planes mainly from a single manufacturer, the new chief financial officer of the airline's parent United Continental Holdings Inc (UAL) said on Tuesday. ( More...

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sparkie624 3
I have said that all along. I hope they go with Boeing!
Looks like a tall order for Airbus
John Hale 1
There is enough CO blood left in the airline that makes me believe they will stay with boeing. Thats been there goal for years is to have one manuf. type fleet.
fef99 1
That's good thinking on his part. Being United is an American company, and Boeing is an American company, it would be in their best interests to make their fleet all Boeing. From a financial standpoint, it is the right thing to do. From an American standpoint, it is the right thing to do. I am not a fan of Airbus, as almost everyone I've flown on has had problems, from controlling cabin pressure, air conditioning, rattling overhead bins,and a variety of parts of the cabin loose or falling off. I try to stick to Boeing when flying.
John Danzy 0
Im sorry but you are very naive. From the American standpoint, the right thing to do is buy whichever aircraft that is most cost effective/cheaper. Be it Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, etc. You know, that thing called capitalism. Nothing more American than that, right?

And no Boeing has ever had cabin press, or a/c, or rattling overhead bins, right? Airbus sure is junk yet for the past few years they have been selling more aircraft than Boeing.

Anyway, see ya at the Southwest terminal because that's pretty much the only airline you will be able to fly soon.
Robert Duke 0
Sorry John, I'm with Fef99 on this one. I'm tired of seeing our good manufacturing jobs going overseas especially is this economic environment. The cost effective/cheaper idea is good, but you have to look beyond that. Case in point, the Boeing vs Airbus saga with the USAF tanker procurement. I know there was a lot of thinking on both sides of this issue but I still think wiser heads prevailed when it came down to how much we thought it was cost effective to buy the Airbus but lose a significant amount of U.S. based jobs etc.

I really have nothing against Airbus airliners either (except for their cabin window sizes!!!) but why select a foreign product based on just a small cost difference and jeopardize all those jobs and all that comes with them downstream.

Now if Airbus would commit to "build" a factory on our soil like the Toyota's and Honda's have that create U.S. based jobs then no problem pick the best product based on cost and quality. That's why I drive a Honda, built here by U.S. workers. Had my eye a Chevrolet product until I found it was assembled in Mexico...HA!
John Danzy 2
Sorry Robert, but I disagree with you. Any mature individual will admit that both Boeing and Airbus make great aircraft. That is a fact, otherwise they wouldn't the world's top manufacturers. Anything said more than that is an opinion, and we all have the right to that.

I understand that right thing to do should be more than what is cost effective but unfortunately business just doesn't work that way.

Thank you for bringing the tanker case up. Exactly why I don't care about American made. Read the third paragraph in the following link: . Boeing made promises and now that they won the deal they're running and taking the work to somewhere else. And what a surprise, somewhere that's cheaper for them. What about the more than 2160 workers in Kansas?

On the other hand, Airbus was planning on building a factory in Mobile, AL. Who knows maybe Airbus would've done the same. What we do know is that this is business and a businessman will do whatever he can to win, including screwing you.
Robert Duke 1
Thanks John, Lots of good insight. All I can say is I look at the BIG picture, at least those Boeing jobs will still in the states. My father-in-law worked at Boeing Wichita for 33 years and he would be the first to tell you that the entity there was one of the most inefficient Boeing sites the company had for various reasons. (He was a "bean counter') I will say this though, your spot on in regards to BIG business decisions. Bombardier (Canadian) is building major components for their Learjet 85 and Global Express Series acft in Mexico, although final assembly will be in Wichita. (Wichita hasn't lost everything)

We'll just agree to dis-agree. Regards
John Danzy 2
Thank you for your civil discussion, Robert. It is extremely rare on the internet nowadays, especially on a flight forum that included a Boeing/Airbus topic.

Can't fault you for preferring Boeing since you have family ties. I appreciate your mature response as opposed to the countless Airbus is junk, if ain't boeing..., etc. responses that have no actual backing.
I live in the U.S. and Airbus is my choice. This is mainly from a passenger perspective because (to name a few reasons regarding A320 vs 737) most A320 cabins are quieter to me, the bins are larger, more bathrooms, and no stupid 737 seat rails that your feet bang into.

Would I pilot a Boeing? Hell yes. Again, they're great planes. But I'd still prefer an Airbus. :)


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