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Frontier To Furlough 125

In another blow to Milwaukee's declining level of air service, Frontier Airlines said Monday it will cut 11 flights out of Mitchell International Airport and furlough about 125 employees, effective June 1. ( More...

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gboroflyer 2
However, one of the primary reasons they are losing so much $ on MKE is because they started dismantling the network Midwest had that allowed for connections through MKE, in order to focus on DEN. There were still some connecting options offered through MKE until this April, but with only 1 or 2 flights a day on most routes, it made it hard to build connections through the city.
preacher1 1
Well, on the good side, it looks like some of the other carriers may take up the slack and with the increase in revenue, it appears that Frontier is making the right decisions and $ is what it's all about, whether we like it or not. It does appear from the article though that some subsidy money was available from city/state. That surely had to be looked at too.
AccessAir 2
True, Air Tran jumped right in there but as soon as the Southwest merger is complete, it will be bye-bye to all those routes Air Tran flew from MKE...
preacher1 1
It will be interesting. Kelly made the comment in the article that they will be looking at it. Seems to me that was an AirTran hub so they might not sluff it off.
scott fisher 1
and now the folks at the airport in conjunction with the 128th are working on a way to get rid of General Aviation on the field as well. What the heck is going on?
sparkie624 1
Hate to see this, but not surprised.
Wingscrubber 1
Flew with these guys last week. Fairly impressed with their nice new airplanes, especially love their Embraer 170s/190s - had in flight Wifi, but not free! Also didn't appreciate the pay-per-view in flight entertainment on their A320s.
while losing the MKE service would suck, I love flying those E170s/E190s.. But I think the biggest thing now is that FFT is now discontinuing the cookies. After having them on both the E170s and A320s (MKE-MCI-DEN-SMF), I had cookies on each leg, if not more than one.

FFT killing those is a huge blow, especially to the service that MEP offered. I hope they bring them back.
AccessAir 1
Oh how nice....Tell me again why Timothy Hoeksema agreed to let Frontier obliterate Midwest Airlines????

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preacher1 4
Ya know, for a man to draw that kinda money seems outrageous to those of us that have never had it, yet they ain't a one of us would turn it down if we were in a position to get it. Most of them are getting that and more because the stockholders allow it for some reason, and regardless of who is running the show, they are the ones at the very top of the food chain.
At the top of the food chain they eat fast cause they already know the chain is short.

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Im sure not defending the pay of the execs. Just stating that they know the business plan has a slim chance of success so they get all they can as fast as they can.
preacher1 2
Like you said, they eat fast at the top becausey know the chain is short, and to echo what Phil is saying, they worry about no one but themselves. It used to be, prior to the early 80's and the days of junk bonds, that the mentality was if 500 people worked at a plant and it was making money, people left it alone. Ala the junk bond kings and spinning off and selling productive companies to secure a tax write off or quick buck in order to garner enough actual cash to pay off the bonds you bought it with that you didn't pay nothing for to commence with. Gimme mine and you fend for yourself. IMHO
Oh, I sure think the culture and mantality has changed a bunch over the last couple of decades. As I've stated in another thread, BR has become an accepted business tool. That tells you all you need to know about the culture in the ivory towers. Agree with all you said p1.
preacher1 1
Sad part is, BR is the safety net when the food chain gets to the end and they ain't no more.
JD345 2
Better yet, they could just fire all of the executives and pay some bum living under a bridge $1 to run Frontier Airlines.


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