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Boeing Fire Sale for Narrowbodies

"And we see a pricing environment that’s not too different than the pricing environment we’ve had historically after we get through some of the launch customer — loss — launch customer pricing, which is part and parcel with our business." We are hearing there essentially is a price war going on right now between Airbus and Boeing for single aisles, as Boeing attempts to stem the inroads and success by Airbus with the A320neo. In this case, we’re hearing Boeing is the aggressor (which… ( More...

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preacher1 3
Well, it's about time that they woke up and saw what was going on around them.Both them and Airbus have their little kinks that somebody won't like, be it pilots or mx, but they both fly and carry pax. All other things = and cost is going to be a BIG factor from now on, when an Airline goes to purchase them. That being said, if quality deteriorates and performance or mx suffers, that may get back in the picture as an indirect cost.
Preach on Preacherman!!!
Toby Sharp 0


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