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Bill To Allow Shooting of Angry Birds at KJFK

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Wednesday proposed making it easier to round up geese from a federal refuge near Kennedy Airport and kill them, an idea that's meeting opposition from wildlife advocates. ( More...

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Kawaiipoint2 9
Reading the title i was convinced that a bill was passed for a movie about the Angry Birds app to be filmed at JFK...
jwm707 2
LOL... glad I wasn't the only one! :-)
Kevin Romero 3
goose hunting in NYC, i would pay for such a chance! dead geese or another plane in the water? Such hard decisions....

bird strikes are common and don't usually require landing on none or 1 engine, since birds were in the air first before humans as said before, I guess we will have to find another departure route for the planes, find another location for the airport, or drive instead altogether.
Kawaiipoint2 2
Youre kidding right?... You cant be serious. Create new departure procedures just for birds who cant really be predicted.
How's FedEx going to fly their cargo?
preacher1 1
Look at his profile
preacher1 1
That's really a wise statement coming from a pilot and considering we are talking about JFK
sure, I saw thinking that same thing! Just let all the people who would like to have goose come and get'em! An all you can eat buffet!
alistairm 3
You don't go crashing your car just because you have insurance, right? Therefore, i don't understand the people who are saying pilots have the training, so it's acceptable to have the chances of a bird strike go up expedentially. Large birds like geese, should not be hanging around a runway. Is killing them all the answer? I don't know... would not mind one in my freezer though.
John Hale 2
Screw PETA. GO SEn. GILLIBRAND. If there a problem that means there are too many and need to die off.
preacher1 1
Well, the USDA says it would welcome the legislation and even the environmentalists admit there is a problem, just disagreeing on how to handle it. It will all be interesting.
Roland Dent 1
long overdue
Zach Katona 1
First off, have no idea why tho headline refers to the birds as "angry" lol. Seriously though, I just can't bring myself to support killing off a bunch of these birds like that. There has to be a better way to handle these problems such as having sharper turbines, or implementing lights such as the article said. Because bird strikes can happen in places farther away from airports as well, better to learn to coexist with them anyways.
Roland Dent 1
Take a trip to Denmark they are world leaders in bird protection.
richard weiss 1
The price foie gras should drop significantly in NYC's finest restaurants.
A bird in the engine beats two in the Senator's bush...
Mike Collyer -3
Another tax-payed bureaucrat looking for some notoriety to justify her dull and meaningless occupancy in Congress on a matter she knows nil. The bill is not a cost-effective nor efficient approach, as Sen Gillibrand proposes. She should do her homework and read the 2011 USDA's Richard Dolbeer's report.
tony boyd -3
The birds were there first ! i mean whats all the training for if I can't trust my pilot to land on one engine or none in the case of USAir flight is proof that pilots have been more than trained for these events, bird strike or two will keep them sharp in the cockpit..
preacher1 1
you reckon???


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