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US Navy Issues F/A-XX RFI

The US Navy has issued a Request for Information (RfI) for a new fighter to replace the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler in the 2030s. "The intent of this research is to solicit Industry inputs on candidate solutions for CVN [nuclear-powered aircraft carrier] based aircraft to provide air supremacy with a multi-role strike capability in an anti-access/area denied (A2AD) operational environment," the RfI reads. "Primary missions include, but are not limited to, air… ( More...

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geroldn 2
Let's see another aicraft that can bomb, electronic jam, and air superiority all in one. What about VTOL? onboard cargo delivery? in-flight refueling tanker? unmanned operation? Lets have it all. Sounds like another multi-billion $$ do everything and do nothing well boondoggle. When was the last time the Navy or Air Force had an air to air mission against a plane that was remotely comparable to what we are flying now. If the FA-18 is wearing out, build more. Why spend billions to build something 'better' when no one in the world comes close now. In 2030 at the rate we are going, we'll have one CVN and 1 airplane to put on it...
Mark Duell 1
Onboard cargo delivery was specifically noted in the article as a role for another aircraft that will replace the C-2 Greyhound.
Seems like the EA-18G just replaced the EA-6...wth? I agree...seems like someone just needs something to do to justify their position. Take a lesson from the B-52s that are still grinding it out in service...
Mark Duell 2
This is an RFI for a plane 20 years away... the Growlers will be a bit old by then.

Sea-based fighters never last as long as land-based bombers for obvious reasons (corrosive environement, weight sensitivity, etc).
connor oslie 2
and don't forget the cycle limitations, airframes(not just the landing gear) take a beating from carrier landings.
preacher1 -1
I guess I might feel a little different if the F35 were already in the air and full production and a little common sense was used, bringing the osprey into service after all it's been thru; even at 20 years out though, I just can't wrap my arms around this one though.Plus that comment about Boeing?????? Did I miss something??????????????
chalet 1
You got to love these idiots, I will quote some admiral saying that this new (monster) will be "complementary CVW [carrier air wing] asset to the F-35C and an unmanned persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) vehicle with precision strike capability." and will also complement that other lemmon the F-22, and will take beautiful pictures from the air and will pump up our patriotism when flying in formation over our heads. Rememeber what Prez Eisenhower said in 1961 when leaving office: beware of the military-defense industry axis. Frankly speaking this axis is just as horrible as the one between Italy-Japan-Germany for they are destroying our economy.
R123154 1
Seems there may be some concern from the Pentagon with the F-35 after all.
But one has to remember we have air superiority because we have people thinking 20 years down the road.The only problem now is that with the technology we have it is very very expensive to think 20 years down the road because it is changing so fast and we have to be the ones who are out in front with these changes,and unfortunately that cost alot of money.
preacher1 0
I guess I'm just too conservative, but wasn't the F35 supposed to be around forever and meet everybody's needs? and I am like the Marine Col., the osprey is there now, use it. Would somebody tell some of these folks that the teat is on the dry side. I realize that they are looking at 20 years away but it seems they are trying to keep themselves busy right now and somebody else clean up the mess later down the line as they will all be retired.
Mark Duell 2
I think the F-35C will displace the first-gen F/A-18s, this is for the 2nd gen E/F/G replacement.

Also the F-35 35t and single engine... from looking at the concepts floated it looks like this RFI will be twin engine and possibly lighter.
99NY 2
Thats assuming the F-35 will actually work on carriers...something that is not a certainty any more.
R123154 1
Sure has the British concerned that's for sure.From what I have read their new generation carrier design is largely based on the F-35 and it's capabilities.


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