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Cooking Oil Powers Qantas aircraft

A Qantas flight between Sydney and Adelaide has used a 50-50 mix of conventional fuel and refined cooking oil. The biofuel costs far more than conventional fuel, partly due to its importation from the United States. ( More...

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Good Idea for saving the plant, and marketing the airline as a "greenline". If only more airlines,and aircraft manufacvturers would take green alternatives into consideration.
Robert Curley 1
I disagree. This is a stupid idea. First, it cost much more than jet fuel. Second, and most important, there just isn't enough refined cooking oil around. A B777-300ER holds almost 48,000 gallons of fuel. When you consider how many flights per day are flown around the world, you have to realize what a colossal waste of time this is.
Leave my EVOO alone. That is as dumb as making fuel out of food ( like corn). Why is it helping the planet. Does it not produce exhaust?


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