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Van Nuys "One Six Right" documentary now on Hulu

An exhilarating documentary film that celebrates the unsung hero of aviation – the local airport – by tracing the life, history, and struggles of an airport icon: Southern California’s Van Nuys Airport. ( More...

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I love this show. I have the DVD and have watched it many times. Well worth the time and money. The music is incredible too.
Mike Brown 5
This show was AMAZING!!!!!! The look in the old guys eye, they light up with excitment talking about flying and this airport!!! If you've never saw passion in someones eyes before, you will see it in this video!!!
usad 3
Thank you for posting that link. Two years old or not, it was new to me as I had not seen it. Great movie.
I learned to fly at Van Nuys Airport!
news4la 1
Isn't Phil Fantastic
Fred Deacon 2
Superb!! For those of us who have spent a lifetime in and around aviation, this says it all. Great stuff...thanks!
Mike Hill 2
One Six Right (and One Six Left) are a pure joy for aviation enthusiasts to watch. Everything is right; direction, camera work, narration, and the wonderful musical accompaniment. Great to see it more widely accessible. A must-see for any pilot or would-be pilot
Awesome! Im speechless. Thanks for sharing!
kevin henchey 2
It has been on hulu for more than two years.

Chip Hermes 2
Why didn't you post the link to flightaware two years ago, then?
I wasn't active then. Plus I was only making a observation based on comments posted on the movie.
mike coster 1
loved it, great video!
Mark Gillians 1
Did a cross country flight on a C-130 that landed at Van Nuys from Eglin AFB. Worst flight of my life. Had no idea of the history of that airport and really enjoyed that film. Great photography.
Always a joy to share Hulu's "One Six Right" and hear how much the aviators, General Aviation, Commercial and Military, enjoyed it. This film is a great marketing tool.
news4la 1
There was a lot of flack from L A World Airways the management of VNY. A lot of things were done in secret.Because of no permits that LAWA would not give. Thanks to Clay Lacy for a lot of help.And the two nicest controllers you could ever meet! You need to get the soundtrack too just perfect.
Soundtrack? Really? Know where one migh get that? Thanks.
news4la 2
It is a separate DVD. Probably from the same place you get the movie. I would try EAA the guys that held Airventure at Oskgosh every year.
dba74m 0
Awesome show! I've had the privilege of meeting Mr. Jim Kunkle on a few occasions and didn't know he was going to be in this. I look forward to putting VNY in my logbook soon!
Jayden Hakunti -2
I can't watch it. I have adblock and I'm not turning it off just to hear stupid messages from their sponsors.
I got it thanks!
news4la 1
I believe you can get the DVD from EAA.
Chip Hermes 0
Is there a way to use that program to block stupid comments?


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