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JetBlue Takes Flight - Video

Bloomberg's Carol Massar takes a look at a day in the life of JetBlue. ( More...

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pancho man 2
Cleared for takeoff while pushing back.. LOL wouldn't that be nice

sparkie624 2
Not what I was expecting... Working in the Corporate office of an airline, I of course see this everyday. The missed a big part of it... What the dispatcher did long before any of that got started, and he never looked in a logbook... Major item for preping a plane. For the general public, nice video, and well done. I was expecting some in air in cockpit video... Nice to be cleared for take off at Push Back.. Is that the way Jet Blue makes up time :)_
Kaye Hall 1
Well, I applied with them a few months ago and received my TTFN (ta ta for now)letter. But I still have it in my mind, they are a class act operation. So I am about to find out in 2 weeks as I have reserved my flight to MCO on JB. I am very excited to experience the JetBlue skies!!!
sparkie624 1
They are a class act organization... But a class I am glad I am no longer in!
Kaye Hall 1
Eric Heigis 1
Great find! I am a little surprised this wasn't a flight to or from my home airport (Long Beach-KLGB). They practically own that airport.


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