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Airbus Plans Range-Boosting Jet Before Boeing

The A321neo is already nibbling away at the bottom end of the 220-to-270-seat market Boeing is targeting for the NMA -- also dubbed the 797 -- with the LR variant racking up orders from carriers like Air Transat that see it as the best prospect to replace the U.S. firm’s out-of-production 757 and the 767 on some trans-Atlantic routes. ( More...

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chalet 6
Over four hour miserable trips are also found in some two aisle aircraft in the Economy class. It is the damn airlines the ones who shoehorn people worse than the proverbial sardines. There!
Gary Bain 5
Single aisle and I wonder what the seat pitch. Anything over four hours is going to be one miserable trip. Same applies to all single aisle airplanes flying trans-Atlantic. No thank you!
LethalThreat 1
I can’t wait to see how the 797 shapes up. I hope it is overpowered in a similar way to the 757 it will be replacing. Those rocket takeoffs and amazing short field perf. would be amazing. Two badass engines need to go on this bird also to commemorate the abilities of the RB211/PW2040 equipped 75s.
linbb -2
Ho hum MH another no where self serving airbust post
btweston 0
It’s sad that you choose to use the limited amount of internet time they give you in the mental institution to rant about Airbus. I guess you’re in there for a reason...


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