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China to launch new stealth bombers able to fire missiles at US

CHINA has announced its latest major military development, disclosing that its new-generation stealth bomber Hong-20 will finally take to the skies, as tensions between Beijing and the US reach a dangerous new level. ( More...

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Funny thing about this is, that they would still need to be refueled in flight to make it to the US West coast, the bombers might be "stealthy" but the refuelers sure wouldn't be. And looking at that things front I doubt even it would get into firing range without being detected. Ahh, a new cold war, this time with China, but, this is what we get for allowing all US manufacturing jobs to be moved over seas and not holding the corporations responsible. Tariffs are no longer enough. We need to blockade all Chinese waters and see how they fair without their precious commerce. It worked in Cuba, and I think it would impact China even quicker, and once they fire at one of our ships, it's show time, and then the rest of the world can see why no one has dared openly go to war with the US since WWII.
I think that China can sabre rattle all they want with new hardware to impress their neighbors in Taiwan, Manila, and Hanoi but the fact remains that the US and China hated each other through the fifties and sixties. In the seventies our boy Henry went to Beijing to speak nicely with Ch. Mao. Pres. Nixon then went to China, drank Moutai and toured the Great wall with the Chairman.

Enemies then became friends without firing a single shot. I am sure that Xi and Trump are respectful of that legacy. Without that respect the Chinese war ship that sailed within yards of a US ship would have joined the Spanish Armada.

I am pretty sure the Hong 20 which was made using espionage and stealing chips off the machine shop floor to steal the alloys used in stealth bombers will not be as invisible as they think.

The Cuban blockade has not seemed to phase the government of Cuba, but has hurt the residents of the island.

A blockade over the nine dashed-lines in the South China Sea, could certainly cause pain to the people, but the CCP would remain in power.


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