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Boeing releases more photos of the very first Boeing 777X

Everett - Boeing released more photos of the very first Boeing 777-9 this week. Boeing has released images of the airframe which will be used for static tests. The test device still missing its vertical fin, the engines and avionics systems. ( More...

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Tom Pera 1
wonder if it will sell?? seems airlines going with smaller overseas flights..point to point... hope it does well
Jamar Jackson 1
Wonder will these wing tips be a source of maintaince problems and delays
Jack Jouett 0
Hmmm... I don't recognize that livery...
Chris B 0
Folding wingtips....but no does that mean lower fuel efficiency, more maintenance, longer checklists....
30west 4
Chris, the wingtip aerodynamics of the 777X follow the design of the 787 wingtips which curve up rather than the more angular winglet design on previous generation wingtips designs.


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