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WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky Retires Unexpectedly — Effective Today

WestJet Airlines Ltd.’s president and chief executive Gregg Saretsky announced he is retiring effective immediately, a surprise decision that comes in the midst of union negotiations, the launch of an ultra low cost carrier, and ambitious international expansion plans. ( More...

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pilotjag 2
Another great article...
Debra von Trapp 1
JWA is about to get hit with the public version of the same thing. No blurring the lines. The manager at the AO, Jeff Rountree and a guy way down on the closed hangar list acted together on this one. Public filing pending.
BTW, anyone can submit false FAA registration paperwork and obtain a tiedown at KSNA. No one at AO verifies it. I personally know of two such circumstances on the field. Haven't taken a look at the other 300 tenants managed by Airport Operations on the GA side. One of their employees admitted to a rogue aircraft problem, stating that AO "field guys" just aren't monitoring tiedown spaces (about 80 are not occupied).
911 protocol doesn't seem to register with AO. Anyone can land on the field and walk out an FBO door. Simply amazing.
paul gilpin -3
this is another of those articles that, given the current political climate, blur the images of strictly aviation blogs, or blogs of any given type having the subject matter blurred.
unexpected retirement is code for sexual harassment suit to follow.
is this in the article? no
is this the formula followed in other segments of industry? 9 times out of 10.
separating politics from economics and the course of business/industry has moved from being difficult to virtually impossible.
this is not your fathers aviation blog.


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