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Delta and WestJet Propose Joint Business For Cross-Border Flights

Delta Air Lines and Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet have reached an agreement to create a joint business on routes between the USA and Canada. ( More...

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indy2001 1
WestJet has been a nightmare both times I've flown on it. It will only drag Delta down.
That might be problematic with the Canadian Government and Air Canada. I doubt this will make it past the Canadian regulators. We have just come througn a sxxtstorm of American making. I really doubt this "turkey" will ever fly. WestJet must in trouble. The service is marginal and their flight safety habits appear to be lax. The only hope is a joint venture with the one of the largest carrier's in the world. Now connect the dots.
canuck44 1
You may not be connecting the right dots. Delta is looking at having the C-series flying with Aeromexico to the South. A Canadian holding company and a deal with WestJet would provide utilization in the North without US tariffs.
Thats a great idea if we set-up a kind of lease to own. The leased vehicle is owned by the lessor. canuck44, you sure you don't have an MBA. Thats a fantastic point. Airlines lease their fleets frequently fromm the manufacturer.
canuck44 1
At least you are consistent in missing points. Let me spell it out in simple terms.

Delta sets up a leasing subsidiary in Come by Chance, Newfoundland to lease the desired number of aircraft from the 75 on contract.

On the side of this big white airplane they paint WESTJET and on the tail an nice "C-" number and then leases them to WestJet to operate on Delta's current North South routes for some type of fee as mutually agreeable, but beyond the reach of the US government.

Just like Delta's refinery, the leasing company doesn't fly airplanes or sell tickets...just like the Aeromexico deal. Delta may want to put money into WestJet (stock is available in the USA on the Grey Market), but again it will all be Canadian based, Delta will get their airplanes and they will expand Canadian operations through WestJet...the losers are Boeing and the Commerce Department.

As for your gratuitous MBA remark, I'll chalk that up to ignorance.
They will kick me out, so what! You are nothing more than an old bag of festering bullshit you arrogant asshole!
It was simply a compliment. Nothing more. Chalking a compliment up to ignorance is very arrogant, and you have no basis to be rude. If a friend givens another $100 CAD and he gets punched in the face is a little harsh
don't you think. cannuck44 my statement was a compliment only. I like your ideas and I find them refreshing. Not any more after your callous and shameful behaviour to this writer.
You don't have the intestinal fortitude to apologize to an extremely callous remark. Check it, I will sincerely apologize to anyone who believes that I have wronged them. Its easy to hide behind a terminal when you realize that you have created a sxxtsxxm of anger toward you. Try manners BIG SHOT!


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