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The TSA Is About To Hike Your Pre-Flight Groping Fee

Under a pending TSA rule update, you're about to begin paying an average of an additional $11.20 on each round trip ticket for the displeasure of having your bags and body searched prior to boarding your flight. This rate hike more than doubles the current $5.00 fee. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 15
Any trip through an airport, coming or going, has evolved into a security driven suspension of constitutional and civil rights for the vast majority of the public.

Now the TSA is feathering their own nest with our money. The $11.20 will not show up on the frontline against terror, rather be squandered on executive lifestyles of the managers who had to struggle to finish high school. It is time to send them back to watching the mall and checking badges at comic book conventions.

We would be better served to suspend the civil rights of the terrorists and profile them for exclusion from participation in travel. If they need to change location, they can do it same way Mohamed did, by foot. That would fit well with their desire to propel the world back to the fifth century and force their religion on everyone.

Air travel will not be safe until we pay attention to the real problem, which is not a teenage girl with a picture of a gun on her purse.
sparkie624 4
Not surprised... they have to give a raise to all of those morons thousands of morons stand around.
Robert Lewis 4
And to think I've been paying $50 for a "full body grope"!
Oh wait... wrong internet chat room...
Tim Marks 4
Government waste at its finest! Like every other agency created by government, it grows ever larger and consumes more money to provide less and less of the service it was originally created for. Every government agency created should have had a 5 year (max) lifespan before it is cancelled and has to be reviewed (by an independent citizens committee) to determine if its charter can be renewed for another 5 years. Heads of these agencies, even though appointed, need to be voted on by the people at renewal time, no consecutive appointments of the same person by the same leader. This single action could help bring more accountability to agencies like the TSA (and possibly even the IRS?) and cleaning house periodically is a good thing when it comes to limiting the growth and power of any agency.
Todd Baldwin 3
I don't have much choice regarding whether I fly or not. It's a big ocean to cross to get home, so I just grin and bear it, although I wonder if this could count towards my annual physical. Fortunately, this year, TSA opened up it's pre-check to all DoD employees, so the process is a little easier now.
Jim Anderson 2
Wow... a truly non-emotional reply... congrats...
Todd Baldwin 1
I guess I'm just used to it. It's the world I live in. Getting to work frequently involves getting my vehicle searched two or three times a month, so what's an extra body groping?

[This poster has been suspended.]

Even more for the synthetic lube option...
No, we're in America. We want everything "organic".
Not surprising. With this administration's glutinous spending and a worthless congress expect a continuous stream of tax increases. On a percentage basis, NO tax should ever increase by this amount.
JJ Johnson 3
No worries I stopped flying two years ago. The airlines in America suck. Cattle car flying greyhounds buslines with TSA security theatre nonsense. I drive now. If I do go overseas I will only fly a foreign airline but with the ticket prices so high that's not happening soon either. The airline business model is flawed and doomed to failure. It's just a matter of time.
Jim Anderson 0
Ah yes, air travel will go the way of the steam engine.... i can see it now.
dav555 3
I won't be paying this ridiculous fee ever again because I made the decision a couple years ago to stop flying. Period.

I'm visiting family later this year and will make the 1,200 mile drive rather than be treated like a criminal at the airport only to then be trapped in a flying metal cattle car for hours.
Unless you're in first class, I think you described it pretty well. The glamour of flying, that was once enjoyed by everyone decades ago, is now reserved for those with the big bucks.
Good decision.
I made the same decision years ago. Flying simply is not worth the hassle to me. The airlines treat us as cattle, the TSA treats us like pond scum, and the actual flight itself has become a torture that would be illegal under the Geneva Convention. If I can't drive where I want to go, I don't go.
Good thing I only travel by charter!!!
Not to mention you always get the best seat! Lol


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