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U.K. to Lower Air Departure Tax in 2015

Following an announcement last December that the British government would increase its air departure tax effective April 1, 2014, Chancellor George Osborne said he would implement reforms to the Air Passenger Duty effective in 2015. ( More...

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Matt West 1
I travel to the UK about 2 -3 times a year and the British taxes make up approximately 40% of an economy ticket. I lived there when the "departure tax" was introduced under the guise of promoting other, more green transportation methods. Taxes for domestic flights are less than for European, which are in turn less than international which makes no sense. After all, there is not really a viable alternative to flying from DFW or LAX to LHR - I don't have a week to take a train to the east coast and then get on a ship.

Often, it ends up being cheaper to fly to CDG or another European hub and then getting on a separate flight to either LHR, LGW, or STN (or at a pinch, LUT with Easy Jet), but who want's to deal with that. I keep hearing the British government arguing that capacity is the biggest threat to Heathrow, but I would argue to exorbitant taxes they charge is likely to be the biggest threat.
An airport is a logistic equipment which opens a geographical destination to wold passengers, which was turned over to money hungry private enterprises.
The results is high prices paid by the passengers to the airline , which pays it back to governments.
An airport is like a business.
Which business charges a fee to enter its premises?
By being too expensive it shut itself form development.
why do you think tourist Asian (as an example) destination, where airports are competing into attracting the best airlines ( and therefore millions of passengers) at the best prices?
Even rubber band have a breaking point , and our economy is crumbling under the excess of burden which are the taxes.
on my airport the value of the airfare is 70% of the value of its taxes, (yes , you read well: for a 65 Euros airfare you have a 123 Euros taxes , bringing the total cost to 188 Euros , one way for a 50 mn flight).
who wants to waste his hard earned money this way?
The result is that our airport is dying slowly when neighboring ones are developing at a fast pace.
.Airlnes are reducing their flights here to open new routes to the neighbours
James Derry 1
You make me laugh! Do you know the tax is 366£ for certain private flights!!!! This is demonic. Imagine that because you have an aircraft of a certain weight, you have to pay the government yet another tax to bring your 12 year old on a flight in your own "vehicle." I don't know what bothers me more, the robber-politicians, or the fact that people just shrug and pay up! Another tea-party is called for, but we have all become sheep!!!!! Blah blah BLAH!!


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