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B787 Return To Boston because of a possible fuel pump issue

Let's see what news comes out of this. JAL 7 returns to Boston ( More...

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Pat Bell 11
Meanwhile today, two 737-200's returned to their departure airports, one with a ruptured hydraulic line and one with an in-flight shutdown (per Of course the aircraft with the maintenance message will be all over the news. I know a new aircraft gets all the press, but some of these issues really aren't newsworthy (burning airplanes ARE newsworthy though...can't discount those).

Here is some interesting reading from 1996 regarding the 777...look at the 777 success today:
David Semak 4
I'm old enough to remember the launch of quite a few commercial airplanes, the launch of the 787 has been rough but fortunately no loss of life. There's always risk when new technologies are introduced, the DC 10 had over 600 deaths due to documented design flaws in it's first 7 years of flight. We learn from mistakes and now with simulators we can spare lives while learning. The 787 will come to be another in a legendary line of Boeing Aircraft.
Jeffrey Babey -5
This thing is becoming the "Edsel" of aircraft or it's just damn bad luck. Either way Boeing Execs have got to be worried.
Ken McIntyre -6
The Dreamliner is starting to remind me of a Swearingen Metrolliner II. Decent aircraft IF you can keep it flying.


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