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United Airlines Dreamliner flight from London to Houston diverted to New Jersey

HOUSTON - A United Airlines Dreamliner flight from London to Houston was detoured to New Jersey due to a low oil indication. ( More...

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Tom Pera 3
selective media coverage! plane crashes and for the next ten days we hear about all the other GA crashes... then nothing... 787 problem... and now we hear about every little glitch... there are 3-4 of these type events ((airliner diverts because of a mechanical issue) every single day... media only covers aviation when something "sensational" happens and then fades away to other stories... soon they'll be tired of 787 and move on to something else......
Gudseeds 2
Every Aircraft has problems now and again..however with this being a 787..the media makes a big deal out of it ! They are turning it into the 'Edsel' of the airways by doing so !

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flyingj481 2
Both diversions have been oil system related as well.
Pat Bell 8
The situations are not related a filter and the other low oil level.

If it was any other aircraft, these wouldn't even be news. No one is reporting the Delta 767 diverting for smoke in the cockpit yesterday
shawn white 0
Must be those RR engines!
n6766j 0

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Pat Bell 3
All United 787's are currently GEnx-1B powered.
Pileits 2
Mr Rudd, you might want to re-check your information about what brand of engines are installed on United's 787s!
I don't think RR would appreciate pinning blame on them.
blake1023 1
I'm surprised Mr. Rudd didn't blame senior management’s salaries at both Boeing and United for all the problems.
Mark Lansdell 1
There's a big difference between an oil filter and low oil warning. In either case it could be the item itself or a sending unit at fault. In both cases the aircraft landed and pax were transferred to other aircraft and taken safely to their destinations. I expect that all new AC have a shake "down period". This new bird had it's shake down interrupted with the battery problem and they all sat, slowly disintegrating while they searched for a solution. That put the entire fleet of new aircraft about 9 months behind the normal curve.
chalet 1
I was in Chile last week and the LAN CHILE airlines people told me that they are operating the 787 very carefully, only on short domestic flights, and short international flights to Buenos Aires (1:45 hours) perhaps over to Lima and back only 3:30 hours away (and various airports along the route in case. They expect to gather sufficient experience and of course CONFIDENCE in the beast and then release it for long range non-stop to Madrid, NY and Los Angeles; when?, maybe in three months, perhaps four. That is my kind of airline.
Aaron Rash -4
Nothing but problems with this plane
n6766j 4
Aaron...don't be sooooo RASH. Come on...Boeing is still making the best airliners in the world. You're being to quick to judge. Let the ignorant media do their thing and poorly at that, while Boeing works through this engine problem.
It could also be an electrical glitch, this also happened on a Tokyo flight not sure if it was the same plane, either way boeing and rolls royce need to check it out. Boeing is the best, but the 787 doesn't fill me with confidence yet.
preacher1 1
It could very well be but FYI: all 787's are GE powered. See Pat Bell's comment above but here is the biggest part of it "All United 787's are currently GEnx-1B powered."
preacher1 1
I meant all United 787's
Mark Lansdell 0
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Boeing 787 diverted over low oil indicator

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A United Airlines Boeing 787 flying from London to Houston was diverted to Newark, N.J., on Thursday because of a low engine oil indicator, the second unscheduled landing for Boeing's newest plane this week.


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