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[HD Cockpit] Condor Airbus A320 landing at La Palma (GCLA)

Lots of camera angles on this approach. I like the way they speak English except when they slip in a bit of German. ( More...

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Awesome view nice video
Dear Friend , without meaning to undermine the effort of the VDO maker , cockpit VDOs are ALWAYS better . Why ? Because the passenger windows are rarely clean enough to give clear view from photographic point of view. Further , the area/angle of view is also EXTREMELY limited. Why only the HD quality , even any ordinary camcorder can make good VDO. Yes , a better camera will always make better pictures/VDOs .
And , I doubt if this VDO really qualifies for classification as HD ? Even on my 14" lap top screen picture is not that good .
Mind you I AM A BEGINNER AMATEUR but I know that the real test of HD quality photo or a VDO lies when seen on a large screen , TV or through projector !
I said so because when ever I am on board I try my best to make as many VDO clips as possible , starting from take off to landing . And I always try to ask for window seat as far away from the wing as possible . Port side or star board side do not matter. And , naturally , I watch my effort on my 42" LED TV to check the quality of my out put .
Please , again , no offence meant , to you or to the VDO maker .
And I am open to correction and learning .
houndog528 -1
Very poorly done video. Why all the different cameras? Does anybody really care what the pilots look like when they are flying the airplane? Why can't we have just one camera pointed out the front of the aircraft, and not cut to a different view every three seconds? You can't call it "Pilots", if you are looking at the wing.

If you want a good cockpit video, with one camera pointed forward at all times so you can see the entire approach, visit Haitiano1982 on youtube. These guys know how to do it. One camera pointed forward at all times, with the entire approach visible. No cutaways, no stupid music, and full cockpit audio!!


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