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FAA moves closer to widespread US drone flights with plan for test sites

10,000 drones!...that will certainly add to air safety and individual privacy. Do you suppose we could have a season on them? ( More...

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John Berry 3
So the government wants to fly drones within the US borders and the department of homeland security is stockpiling 1.4 BILLION rounds of ammunition. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but there is something very wrong with this picture.
Don Thomson 4
I agree John.

Let me see here.... A couple months ago we have a South Carolina sheriff threatening to shoot down a 70 yr old glider pilot who was soaring (completely legally) near a nuclear plant trying to gain altitude to soar back to home base... Now we have other police departments and other government agencies requesting the use of drones.

"For example, the sheriff's department in Montgomery County, Texas, has a 50-pound ShadowHawk helicopter drone intended to supplement its SWAT team. The sheriff's department hasn't armed its drone, although the ShadowHawk can be equipped with a 40 mm grenade launcher and a 12-gauge shotgun."

Why don't I like the trend????
aknorris 2
Best line of the day for a squawk: "Do you suppose we could have a season on them?"
Don Thomson 3
Is ground-shooting them before they get airborne kosher? Don't want 'em tumbling out of the sky on innocents... <chuckle>
You can be assured that there will be more air collisions and if that collision is with a GA aircraft, you can also be assured the collision will be covered in secrecy (conspiracy) and the blame will be something like - "Loss of Control" on the GA aircraft. Do you seriously think the military will accept blame - never ever! ADS-B in or out will be of no help!
Doug Stoffel 1
As a licensed pilot, maybe what we should allow is more airplane flight with unlicensed persons to intercept and destroy the drones,by accident, of course.Has benefits, but believe more parinoia than benefits.


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