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Airlines Starting To Mull Dreamliner Refunds

They bought the airplanes, and now they can't use them. So some airlines are reportedly starting to consider "asking" Boeing to help them out with lost revenue from cancelled flights. ( More...

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This is a regrettable situation certainly but it's life. It's a new type and while the flight test program endeavors to find bugs and fix them prior to customer delivery, sometimes there are issues not seen until the type goes into real world service. Realistically, unless it was in the purchase contract I don't forsee any revenue compensaton nor should there be. Neither do I see a flood of refund requests.....unless it's from Air India and they should politely and "firmly" be told no refunds. They could certainly cancel any aircraft not delivered but I have no doubts those aircraft would find buyers eager to move up in the delivery queue. Just my 2 cents.....

Its easier said than done Mr. Shields . For any airline buying an airplane means putting one hundred percent faith in the company that manufactures the airplane. Air India has had relations with Boeing for the past fifty years. I do not understand why you are singling out AI for your comments. On numerous occasions it is Boeing that has offered it ( the compensation ) not that AI has demanded for it. Only a company that admits its error would offer it. Kindly put your thoughts in the right perspective Sir.
joe milazzo 2
That's F%#kin funny. The APU battery system is one of Japan's contributions to the Dreamliner. Maybe Boeing should cut Japan out of the Boeing Consortium?
chalet 1
Boeing´s insurance company should have hit the roof when these problems cropped up but the airframe maker will also suffer and in no small form, so pull out the checkbook
"Asking" for help (money)??? That's funny.
chalet 1
I have not seen a single blog making any mention of Boeing´s legendary arrogance which has been pointed out as one of the reasons why they made so many mistakes in the 787 program. Yes, they turned out the best of the best of airliners 707, 727, 737, 747,757, 767 and 777 but that created at Seattle an air of invincibility, we are always right, never make mistakes, we don't need any advise or suggestion, and then WHAM!.
I am tempted to remind my esteemed peers about certain conditions of contracts involving supply of product and/or services. It is extremely common to include three interesting clauses in most contracts . First , variable prices clause . Second about penalty clause for delayed completion of project. And third, a clause about bonus for early completion ! In such a back ground any where is the question of any other kind of compensation ? Even Courts of Law ( or Arbitration ) consider all these while assessing liquidated damages and penalties. Loss of revenue is an occupational hazard . Remember , stakes for Boeing are much higher than any one else . So , no hasty thoughts please !
houseofgold -1
Spend your energy writing about Beyonce lipping her songs.


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