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KMCO announces $2.1B expansion

Proposed expansion to include new south terminal and improved international facilities. ( More...

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suz 1
Mickey makes $$$$$ ... (talkin' about the M-o-u-s-e).
canuck44 1
MCO needs to be a little careful on jacking up fees to airlines. Except for SWA almost all traffic originates and ends at this airport with very little connecting traffic relative to MIA. This means a lot of the smaller airlines and charters could relocate to Sanford if the MCO fees were to become prohibitive.
preacher1 1
I have always preached SITUATIONAL AWARENESS to the younger guys and have never understood how anybody could lose it if they were paying attention to what they were doing but I found out last Tuesday afternoon. One of the guys was sick and I went down on the 767 to DFW for early afternoon return. Squall line out West but we were way ahead of it, but the CAT off of it made it like a roller coaster going down.Came back late afternoon, and I came up toward LIT, figuring to turn left, and go up and mke a fairly normal approach to 25 and punch in. We had already started an approach and we hit the mother of them all. That was the nastiest Bitch I have ever been in. It was like being on the inside of a light bulb and like a big hand was just tossing you up and down. I saw what looked like a hole, dove for it, and damn, there was the field. Bells and whistles were going off everywhere. KFSM is ringed with lighting from houses, malls, etc. and you couldn't see nothing so TOGA din't enter the picture. I asked Dude later why he didn't call it and he said "I dunno, you wuz flying the damn thing". Don't ask how but we lost 5-7 miles of that approach, and I was only carrying flaps 10 or so, hit the deck at about 205, about 500'long into that 8 grand, took full reverse down to the last taxiway and pretty much shot what had been good brakes. Shudder was an understatement. All the tower did was give me taxi instruction, but I figure they had already woke up Leroy over at the crash pad and told them to watch, cause they was fixin' to see a good one.Left inboard flap had to be replaced. Had a fist size indention from underneath. Couple rows of rivets back around the tail and I am sure a disk or 2 on the brakes had to be changed.Then, the storm kinda stalled and 20 miles outa town, I was on dry hiway and got home to watch that thing get a 2nd wind and come over the house. It was moving and spinning up so fast that NWS couldn't keep up with all the warnings.
tim mitchell 1
Dude didn't call it because he was praying and probably had his eyes closed sir.
Brian Bishop 1
Dang bud, helluva ride. Glad you're around to tell the tale!
canuck44 0
Well can skip the stress test on your semi-annual. Likewise just bring in your underwear rather than urine and stool specimens.
preacher1 3
I thank you for the well done my friend but that is the only time you will get to say it regarding this deal, cause I ain't gonna do it Tim up there can tell you, it rattled me bad enough I been talkin about it for a week and me and Dude took the CRJ up Sunday afternoon just to get some nerve back. They is one thing about Situational Awareness, when the topic comes up again I will be a little more understanding.Tim, the prayer was there but it was defintely one of them Oh S*** moments.
preacher1 1
What's a cell phone parking lot? A supersize charging station?
Kenneth Kluge 2
A cell phone lot is a lot designed for people to park & wait for passengers at either a reduced fee or free. Usually loctaed a short drive from the terminal it allows short term waiting without having to park in a main garage. It is called a "cell phone lot' as the passengers will call their ride on their cell phone when they land with a pick up ETA
David Sims 1
The main advantage is it reduces the number of cars tying up the loading lanes in front of the terminal. People can wait in a cell phone lot until the person they are meeting calls them, then drive up to the terminal to pick them up.
preacher1 1
tks, Wayne


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