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2012 F-35 Flight Test at Edwards AFB

Hear from the F-35 flight test team at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., about their progress in 2012 including envelope expansion, night flights, mission systems testing, weapons releases and high angle of attack flights. ( More...

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First of all, Mr. Hodges, you spelled "Muslim" incorrectly. Secondly, I don't feel any worse having a "Muslem sleeper" as CiC than I did having a former coke-addict, yet "born-again" Evangelical Christian, war criminal as CiC. Finally, and most importantly, thank you for your service to our country to protect your, and my, freedom of speech.
James Hodges 0
Charlie, Point well made about the previous CiC.. I often wonder how we survive as a nation considering the leaders we select, but great citizens made, and keep our nation great. Jim.
James Hodges 2
Shawn, remember, it is the Commander IN Chief who determines how many millions of men we deploy worldwide. The military just obeys. Just my 2cents worth from a Korea War combat vet.
oowmmr 2
I wonder how many bombs it has to hold to be called an FB-35? Doesn't look like they are at hover yet.
btweston 0
They've been flight testing this stupid thing for over a decade. God forbid we spend money to help poor people.
shawn white 2
The problem isn't only with the F-35, it's the whole mentality of having a military presence on every side of the globe. Meanwhile the dollar drops, the debt reaches 16 trillion, literacy rates fall lower than most of the world, and congress takes months just to pass a single law. The government/military needs to go back to the objective of defending their country and improving it, not deploying half a million troops overseas.
James Hodges -3
How do you like having a Muslem "sleeper"as CIC?????!!!!!!


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